By undertaking partnership cooperation with our company, you are not obliged to sign a contract.

It will be your responsibility to place photos of our assortment along with the logo on your website. When posting photos on Facebook or Instagram, tag WIBS.

Are you a European boutique or clothing store?

Work with us today!


  • You will get professional photos of products in the best resolution
  • You will get descriptions and names of products that you will be able to use on the website
  • Your order will be our priority
  • Constant contact with the guardian
  • You will gain marketing support

Wholesale shopping

When starting wholesale cooperation, we believe that you will be forced to order single sizes of products more often, so as our partner you will be able to order single pieces from a given model.

Free delivery

As an added benefit, our partner boutiques will be offering weeks of free delivery! For this purpose, please follow our social media.

International cooperation

With the strong development of our brand, we decided to start cooperation with foreign boutiques. Thus, our range is available in over 50 boutiques abroad.

The year 2021 enabled us to take part in international fairs, e.g. in Łódź, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
It was a great opportunity to meet a foreign client and understand the local market.
We have been appreciated as a Polish Producer. Our Natural Woman 2021/2022 collection has gained recognition, thanks to which we have completed several contracts. This helped to make our brand famous abroad.

These experiences made us feel even more motivated to create an assortment for women around the world, which is why the collections created in our company are inspired by global Trendbooks and meet the tastes of even the most demanding customers.